Duct cleaning – TR/ 19

Pathway Cleaning provides complete duct cleaning, kitchen canopy cleaning and deep kitchen

cleaning services throughout the UK in accordance with the requirements of TR/19. B&ES TR/ 19,

introduced in 2005, are the guidelines given by Building Engineering Services Association for the

cleaning of internal ventilation systems. The cleaning services provided by Pathway Cleaning are also

compliant with British Standard and European Norm BSEN: 15780 and BG49/ 2013, which is the

BSRIA’s guide on Commissioning Air Systems. The guidelines provided in all these three make sure

that the ducts in any establishment are clean at installation stage as well as during the service. This is

to make the buildings safer and healthier.

Pathway Cleaning duct cleaning compliance services

Pathway Cleaning will remove all types of contamination, dust and particulate matters from the

required places with the use of high quality extraction devices and also with mechanised brushes, air

jets and if required, manually too. Duct systems at many places might be difficult to reach to enable

cleaning; Pathway Cleaning will install doors at various important places so that the ducts will be

regularly inspected and cleaned. The presence of moisture in the ducts can be breeding ground for

microbiological particles, which may get released into the living or working place and cause allergic

reactions if people are exposed to them. Pathway Cleaning will also undertake disinfection services

to make sure that the place is safe and hygienic.

Additionally, we offer

 Free Quotation and technical advice

 Complete services until you are completely satisfied

 Work will be in accordance with B&SE and BSRIA

 Deep kitchen cleaning, Canopy cleaning and all other cleaning services will be in accordance

with Health & Safety regulations.

 Kitchen grease extract systems cleaned according to building insurance requirements and

Fire safety regulations.

 Risk assessment and method details will be provided according to the site

 Fast response to all the queries from the clients

 Work will be certified and complete report provided for the insurance requirements

 After and before images will be provided on client’s request.

Pathway Cleaning provides the list of top quality services in an efficient and timely manner to ensure

that the building is safe from any hazard and also is completely hygienic.

 Duct Cleaning

 Local Exhaust ventilation cleaning

 Ventilation monitoring

 Ventilation compliance

You can contact us for more information and ask us for on- site inspection and free quote for your


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